We want to take this opportunity to further explain why we have allocated tickets by gender. Ensuring a diverse dance-floor and musical lineup is of paramount importance to us. We hope you agree that the most passionate dance floors are those where we can all feel safe and free to express ourselves fully. One way to nurture this is to ensure you all feel fairly and equally represented at the festival.

Though this can sometimes occur naturally, more often than not if ticketing systems are left to their own devices a gender imbalance can arise. For this reason, we took steps we felt were necessary to protect the diversity of the dance floor. We have assigned two separate ticket tiers (male and female/non-binary) with equal allocation to ensure the overall capacity remains balanced.

Being positive and proactive with all issues relating to your enjoyment and safety is of great importance to us - this is something we don't want to be complacent about. In a landscape saturated with corporate music festivals En Masse is an opportunity to envisage a different reality, we are grateful for your understanding and support with this.

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