En Masse aims to bridge the gap between your musical journey and the environment in which it takes place. Your home for En Masse is a working permaculture farm. Permaculture is modelled on the relationships already existing within nature’s ecosystems. It aims to provide people with food, shelter and energy in a sustainable and financially viable way. Sound just about ideal, right? That is because when it works, it is exactly that! Though the process can take many years, our home in the foothills of the Black Mountains is at the forefront of this research. With hopes to influence government policy on farming in the years to come, thus widening the potential benefits we can yield from this science, it is vital we care for this site in the same positive manner as we should for each other.

Though we are confident you all do your utmost day to day to get the basics of recycling right, we are expecting extra attention to detail from you all during En Masse. One benefits of this being such an intimate festival means this should be very feasible without becoming tiresome. A sustainable waste system is of paramount importance - we have detailed below some key aspects to remember as we dance together across the weekend:

A reusable cup will be given out to each guest on arrival with carabiner to keep it to hand. Remember to bring it with you to the bar. This cup will be your festival companion, take care of it and don’t lose it.

Drinking water points around the festival negate the need for us to provide any plastic water bottles.

Any cups used by our vendors will be vegware to reduce any plastic waste. These can enter the farms waste system as they are biodegradable and plant based. But, the more you use your own reusable cup, the better!

The waste system will be as follows: black for general waste, red for cardboard, purple for plastic and tin. Please ensure your waste is disposed of in the appropriate coloured bin.

Please remember, those who own and work on this site do so on a daily basis and have a commitment to protecting the land they live and work on. With a considered and environmentally respectful set of festival goers, we can all contribute to the success of their permaculture project in a positive way. Some extra attention from ourselves will help with their workload, as opposed to hindering it.

We hope you embrace the beauty and importance of this site shortly to welcome us. It is a unique setting for us all to be united.
En Masse!

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